Defensive Driving Course

Alive at 25

4 hrs of live training conducted every Wednesday for drivers under the age of 25 (15-24 years old) with Driving violations tickets and/or license suspensions. An Interactive course that covers driving behaviors, situations, and driving laws.


Defensive Driving

4 hrs webinar conducted every Wednesday, it covers driving behaviors, collision reduction, prevention strategies, and driving conditions. Students are certified once they pass the online examination at the end of the webinar.


Pro-Truck Driving

6 hrs of webinar conducted every Wednesday, it covers driving techniques, Proper vehicle maintenance, and inspection, steps for completing a Moral Responsibility Checklist, and how to get employees to view safety on a personal level. 


Defensive Driving Course

iDrivio provides a Defensive Driving Course that gives you a quality and the easiest way to meet any of your safe driving goals.

A few words about our company

iDrivio provides a Defensive Driving Course that gives you a quality and the easiest way to meet any of your safe driving goals. Our course will help you with your driving violation ticket, insurance discounts, and give you the necessary knowledge to make yourself and your loved ones safe on the road.


          Want a traffic violation dropped.

          Don’t want increased insurance rates.

          Want to keep your license from getting suspended.

          Want to lower your car insurance premiums.

          The Illinois DMV.

          Your local traffic courts.

          Your auto insurance provider.

For most Illinois drivers who have received a traffic citation, defensive driving is an option for avoiding a conviction. However, several exceptions may make a driver ineligible to use this benefit.

  •         citations that state “Must Appear in Court.”
  •         drivers who have attended driver safety school in the past 12 months
  •         drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license, regardless of the vehicle being driven at the time of the violation
  •         drivers with two court supervisions within the last 12 months
  •         drivers under the age of 21 with certain violations including illegally transporting alcohol, speeding more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, reckless driving, or passing a school bus unloading child

In some cases, drivers who are not eligible for the basic defensive driving course will be contacted and offered the opportunity to attend an advanced course.

You will receive your Temporary Certificate once you successfully pass the Online Test.  Your Official Certificate will be mailed to the mailing address that you indicated in the registration form within 3 to 5 business days.

Once a week every Wednesday 12:30 PM- 4:30 PM.   Every student should complete a 4-hour webinar session to be able to take the online test.

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