Defensive Driving Courses

NSC Defensive Driving Safety Training


  • 4 hours of in class instruction.
  • How to reduce collision risk with defensive driving strategies.
  • The stages, causes and prevention of collisions.
  • How driving distractions such as talking and texting affect driving ability.
  • The definition of impairment and its related dangers.
  • The impact of physical, weather, road and traffic conditions.
  • How to identify and minimize aggressive driving activities.
  • The four fatal driving behaviors.
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  • 6 hours of in class instruction.
  • How driver fatigue/stress affects operating a large truck
  • Key defensive driving techniques and safe maneuvers to avoid collisions and violations, and to prevent fatalities, injuries, and property damage.
  • Proper vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Proper Department of Transportation pre-trip inspection (Internal and external)
  • Steps for completing a Moral Responsibility Checklist
  • How to deal with changing driving conditions and hazards
  • How to get employees to view safety on a personal level
  • The importance of vehicle safety inspections, covering car anatomy and maintenance must
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Highly interactive course presents real-life driving situations, hazard recognition scenarios and defensive driving techniques to motivate drivers to change risky driving habits and behaviors to avoid collisions and traffic violations.

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6-hour course addresses the most common causes of truck-related crashes and provides practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and traffic violations.



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NSC Defensive Driving Courses teach drivers how to recognize and react to immediate and potential hazardous driving situations and conditions. Our instructor-led, classroom courses provide collision prevention strategies and defensive driving techniques that focus on behavior, judgement, decision making and consequences.

These highly interactive courses will help influence drivers to make positive choices to improve driving behaviors and attitudes and encourage respectful and lawful decisions to avoid motor vehicle incidents and decrease traffic violations.

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iDrivio has partnered with MediCarSafety to provide NEMT (non-emergency medical training program) to agencies providing non-emergent transportation services. The NEMT training program exceeds American Disability Act (ADA) training requirements. The training program is also recognized by insurance agencies and service providers participating in the program qualify to receive up to 10% savings for their fleet insurance coverage.

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For a wheelchair accessible vehicle is considered commercial applications, they need to be safety inspected by state approve safety site. They will give them a rectangular sticker. They pull into a safety inspection state-approved safety site.

Inspectors will be looking for:
A. Fire Extinguisher
B. First Aid Kit
C. Break down Kit
D. Biohazard Spill Kit. 

Once application and paperwork with the State are processed and an inspector from the General. The office will check the vehicles.

For a wheelchair accessible vehicle they need to have MC plates, for that they will go the same place to cab drivers, and limousine drivers go to. Any of the Secretary of State (SOS) building.

When they go to the SOS, they will be required to present registration, proof of insurance, safety line inspection sheet.

For a non-wheelchair accessible vehicle, they will need PT plates and they will to the SOS building. When they go to the Secretary of State facility, they will be required to present registration, safety line inspection sheet,

When they go to the Secretary of State facility, they will be required to present registration. proof of insurance.

You will get an electronic certificate once you completed this course and successfully passed the exam. You start driving with this certificate.

You will receive your physical certificate in the mail within 48 to 72 hours after completion.

We can customize the schedule according to your schedule minimum of 4 students. Upon checking our trainers availably, we will open a course.

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